TRIAD Site Server is ussed to collect, de-identify and transmit the data securely from the participating facilities for the Dose Index Registry (DIR). TRIAD Site Server, software only component, is installed at facilities that receives images from local DICOM devices and submits them automatically to ACR for Dose Index Registry (DIR).


Date built 12/04/2018
File Name
Size 123.3 MB

System Requirements

Workstation/Server configuration for TRIAD Site Server should satisfy the following criteria:

Criteria Specification Satisfied if
Processor Intel Core2 Duo or above Meets or Exceeds
RAM 4.00 GB Meets or Exceeds
HardDisk 50 GB Meets or Exceeds
OS Windows 7 - 32/64 bit,
Windows 10 - 32/64 bit,
Windows Server 2008 SP2/R2 - 32/64 bit,
Windows Server 2012 SP2/R2- 32/64 bit
Meets Exactly
Others .NET Framework 4.5.2
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable or
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 x86 Redistributable
*Java SE 7
*Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools 1.1 for JRE
*Microsoft SQL Server Compact version 4.0 SP1
Meets Exactly
*:Included in the installation package


  • For more details on installation and configuration, please download TRIAD Site Server Installation and User Guide from the Quick Links
  • Please also refer to the related document if you are upgrading from an earlier version of TRIAD Site Server.
  • For additional details and FAQ, please go to the TRIAD Web site at


Please contact TRIAD Support team for any further assistance:

American College of Radiology
1891 Preston White Dr. Reston VA 20191